Sunday, September 17, 2006

Friday bike ride with Presidio streetscape pictures

I headed out Friday morning to enjoy the awesome weather. Taking SF Bike Route 65 into the Presidio, I found a new bike lane on Washington St. that helps west-bound bicyclists on the approach to the housing near Nauman Road. Though usually a quiet area, development of the Presidio will increase traffic and make these new lanes essential for comfortable biking. Better yet, there are bike lanes in both directions on the road through the housing.

The Presidio's traffic planners have also created two chicanes on Washington (defined by the Double-Tounged Dictionary as a barricaded, tightly curved, or zig-zagged roadway that forces traffic to slow while still permitting it to pass) in the area. Bikes are separated from traffic going throught the chicane. Here's the PresidiGo just after taking the turn.

I took Route 65 to the end, and snapped this photo of Sea Cliff and Lincoln Park before joining Route 95 heading west on Lincoln Blvd.

After an exhausting climb up El Camino del Mar, the next amazing sight was a line up to get into Monet in Normandy at the Palace of the Legion of Honor.
Leaving Lincoln Park, I decided to stick with the coastal bike route (#10/95) which meant one final climb up about 15 blocks of Clement St. That brought me out to a view onto work in progress at the west entrance to Fort Miley. A lot of brush was gone and the seal rocks were shining through.My last sight to share was 1000's of SF High School students taking a walk in the park on Martin Luther King Drive.

These are some examples of what makes SF a fun city to explore.

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