Monday, January 01, 2007

It's 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On this morning's bike ride I stopped at Folsom Street to snap the fog on the bay below the Bay Bridge. Later in the afternoon Michael and I watched the sunset at Ocean Beach:
Some highlights of 2006:
March: Iwan helped me to get my new Vaio laptop; I started Stormy Petrel blog and the fun began.
April: Michael gave the Marie Equi/earthquake talk in SF...the laptop worked.
May: We traveled to Portland and Michael presented the Doctor Train. The laptop worked again, by remote this time!
June: Laurie and Markus had their wedding in Seattle.
July: My nephew Ian visited us in SF with my Mom and Dad. I was in three performances of Group Therapy at the Raven Theatre in Chicago with LGCSF.
August: I escape the heat in the US to visit Guatemala and deliver medical and school supplies with Rainbow World Fund.
September: I started Dale's Scene blog
October: San Francisco had another heat wave, and then I began my new job at the California Endowment.
November: 2 words: Nancy Pelosi.
Farewell, 2006. I'll miss you, Grandma Danley, and Audrey.

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