Thursday, April 05, 2007

LA Trip

On Tuesday, Michael and I began a two-day trip to Los Angeles. As the plane descended to LAX, I saw that the air pollution was thicker than I have ever seen yet. It wasn't bad on the ground, though, and we made our way to USC where we got to meet Dona Munker and hear her talk, "Imagining a Life" in Biography.

Next we took the 110 freeway past downtown, through some tunnels, and into Pasadena, to visit the Huntington in San Marino. It was a beautiful day to see the gardens. The drive to and from got Michael ready to repeat the trip on his own, the next day, for a research visit to the library at the Huntington.

Wednesday was a work for me at our LA office, but afterward Michael and I had a great dinner at Blue Velvet before catching our flight home.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

a downtown day

a downtown day
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April 1 must be wisteria season. You can catch some great wisteria blooms on Broderick and also on Waller St between Broderick and Divisadero. Here's a great Flickr shot caught from Yerba Buena, close to downtown.