Sunday, May 20, 2007

Orange and red coming to the garden soon

Garden update: The overhaul is almost complete. Last week we planted a pair of wonderful red Kangaroo Paw plants that we found at the Armstrong Garden Center in Novato. The week before we found two vines at an amazing nursery in Sonoma County called the Western Hills Nursery. The first is a climbing hydrangea (seen next to the Kangaroo Paws):

We also found a climbing nasturtium at Western Hills. It'll be fun to watch this grow:

Meanwhile, the crimson nasturtium that we planted about 5 weeks ago are preparing to bloom - I counted over a dozen buds on just one of the two plants.

Also, a delphinium that we planted last year has grown a couple of great spikes. One of them is in full bloom now - it stands about 6 feet tall!

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Romeo Murphy said...

Hello Dale

Thank you for leaving a post on my blog, it's always nice to get feedback, plus it's always a pleasure writing about Rufus.

I've just read your latest post and I'd like to say this in response: "May your garden bloom as brightly as Rufus' talent, may it be as lush as his orchestration and may it be as colourful as his live performances!"

Keep on shining

Best wishes