Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy trio

Our three pots of succulents have taken on an interesting aspect this summer. They are growing like crazy, but they're easy and fun to tend to.
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Vote No on H in San Francisco

Election time is coming around again. Here's a no-brainer: No on H. Even Mayor Newsom and the Chronicle agree. Too bad Donald Fisher took it upon himself to single-handedly re-write San Francisco planning laws.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Montreal in September

Last months trip to Montreal was neat. September is an awesome time to go - we had just the right amount of heat and only needed jackets on one night! Here are some shots.
Metal spiral staircases behind the houses...there are lots on the front, too.
LaChine Canal - this was the the way cargo moved up and down the St. Lawrence in the 20th century. Now a green space in the west side of Montreal. A converted foundry sports a vertical garden that wraps around the corner of the building.

Inside the Montreal BioSphere - what remains of the American Pavilion by Buckminster Fuller made for Expo 67. Updated information about this amazing creator can be found at this Artsy page.

The island which was built up for Expo 67 is now a wooded parkland popular with area cyclists. It is connected to the city by bridges and the subway.

After visiting the archeology museum and seeing the walls and foundations of buildings from the earliest years of French settlement, we went to the balcony on the top floor to get a view of the waterfront.

Bike racks at Mission Creek Park

Mission Creek Park is taking shape, and these new bike racks are installed on the sidewalk on Berry between 5th and 6th St.The racks are kind of interesting, with more design features than we are used to in San Francisco. I haven't tried one out yet.

Mission Creek Park North is designed by MFLA and features a promenade, basketball courts, boat launch, dog walk, marsh/creek restoration, and tennis courts. Mission Creek South is still home to a houseboat community and has grass and green space, a small amphitheater, and a pavilion for special events.

Check out the park with a walk around the loop - both sides of the creek between the 4th Street Bridge and 7th Street. You'll be rewarded with views of a waterway returning to life.

Trial By Jury is coming: Oct 26-27 and Nov 2-3

My next show with LGCSF is coming up soon. It is the "Autumnal Out-ing" and we will be performing a first act of solos, followed by Trial By Jury by Gilbert & Sullivan (think British Victorian comedy). Come see us! I play the foreman/bartender and have 2 short solos! Go to for tickets. There is a community box office that will sell tickets without any fees.