Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Montreal in September

Last months trip to Montreal was neat. September is an awesome time to go - we had just the right amount of heat and only needed jackets on one night! Here are some shots.
Metal spiral staircases behind the houses...there are lots on the front, too.
LaChine Canal - this was the the way cargo moved up and down the St. Lawrence in the 20th century. Now a green space in the west side of Montreal. A converted foundry sports a vertical garden that wraps around the corner of the building.

Inside the Montreal BioSphere - what remains of the American Pavilion by Buckminster Fuller made for Expo 67. Updated information about this amazing creator can be found at this Artsy page.

The island which was built up for Expo 67 is now a wooded parkland popular with area cyclists. It is connected to the city by bridges and the subway.

After visiting the archeology museum and seeing the walls and foundations of buildings from the earliest years of French settlement, we went to the balcony on the top floor to get a view of the waterfront.

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