Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

No on H - We did it!!

The election results are old news but I'm still thrilled by the outcome of Prop H. It was a landslide No vote, and I think this showed for the first time that San Francisco voters have grown seriously unhappy with local congestion and are willing to take a stand against investing in car parking.

The results are still unofficial, due to the incredibly lame
election administrators, but here's the vote - as of:

RUN DATE:11/17/07 02:19 PM

Yes . . . . . 46,558 33.05%
No. . . . . . 94,316 66.95%

Change in NoPa

Change continues in the neighborhood. One thing that doesn't look so good is to see the state of this apartment dwelling on Fulton, where the tenants were recently evicted. A garage is being ripped into the building at the lower left - that's what the steel I-beams are for. Meanwhile, a change that seems more promising is the fix-up on Lyon, where twin houses are getting a simultaneous paint job.
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Fall bloom

The climbing nasturtium that we planted this spring finally bloomed a few weeks ago - and the flowers are already gone. That coincided with the bloom of the pink hollyhocks, which we found the same day as the climbing nasturtium in Sonoma at the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center. The hollyhocks are now 6 feet tall, and still blooming.
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