Sunday, April 27, 2008

Crater Invaders continues on Masonic Ave

Last Saturday, the Attack of the Crater Invaders drew about 50 volunteers to SF streets to mark potholes and raise awareness that our streets need to be fixed.

Michael is a lane steward for the Bike Coalition, and he has kept up the street-fixing work this week. Early Sunday morning was a good time to target Masonic Ave, where the street is wide and the traffic runs fast. We found this deep pothole at the intersection of Anza/O'Farrell with Masonic. This picture shows conditions in the right hand lane - supposedly where bikes are supposed to ride as they travel on Bicycle Route 55, heading toward the Presidio.

Circling the pothole is the easy part. Michael also notes the location, calls it in to the city, logs it in with the lane steward tracking system, and watches for the city to repair it.
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