Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Sex Positive" at Frameline 32

l to r: Michael Helquist, Richard Berkowitz, Hank Wilson

Richard Berkowitz was the subject of a film, "Sex Positive," that screened tonight at the Roxie as part of the Frameline 32 film festival. Richard was living in New York City when the AIDS epidemic began, and he spoke up to educate the community about what was going on and eventually about safer sex. At the time, he openly described his own sexual experiences in his writing, despite others who feared that if the mainstream labeled gay men as promiscuous, they would not give the community any help.

The film, directed by Daryl Wein, is an important documentation about what happened during those crucial years. My partner Michael met Richard Berkowitz in 1983 during the 5th National Lesbian Gay/Health Conference, and tonight, he got to meet Richard again. Hank Wilson also joined us for a snack on Valencia St. after the show.

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giuseppe said...

Hi Dale, I'm enjoying your scene, especially fotos of SF, the city of my birth. I came upon it while googling Mike, a friend of more than 30 years ago- he lived in Bend, I lived in Clatskanie. If he doesn't remember me, he's getting senile! It is sweet to see the foto of him, Hank and Mr. Berkowitz. Hank I befriended even before Michael, we met at a freeway occupation to protest the bombing of Haipong harbor in Sacramento in the mid 70's. Please pass this on to Michael. From a nostalgia queen in Sonoma C., Joe Balestreri

giuseppe said...

ps.. you can post my this and previous comments if you want, more important to me is the chance to say hello to Michael. Thanks again, Joe

oregonhistory said...

Hey Giuseppe/Joe, contact me directly at
I'd love to catch up on oh, about, 20 plus years.