Saturday, July 05, 2008

Washington DC

In Washington, DC, last month, I saw lots of changes since my years there in the 90s. The most remarkable change was the re-invigoration of the area around the old U.S. Patent Office, which houses the National Portrait Gallery. That building is situated on the north side of F St, and that block has been named Walt Whitman Way, in tribute to the poet who cared for wounded soldiers in the building during the Civil War. The street, which was pretty dank and edgy in the 90s, is so alive now, especially because the old Washington Post Office (built in1839, and built by Robert Mills, like the Patent Office), on the south side of the street, had been vacant but is now a lively hotel.

How great to be in an east coast city in June and see the trees and flowers in full leaf.
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farsi said...

that's so awesome. who knew that the east coast has seasons! i just thought it was autumn and winter! (just like california's are summer and autumn)