Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rahaim pulls it off by Thanksgiving (Day 890)

Yesterday was the 890th day since an injunction stopped all city progress toward making San Francisco more bike-friendly. It was also the day that the Planning Department, led by John Rahaim, had pledged to finish work on its Draft of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the San Francisco Bike Plan Project Project. They submitted it at 4:40 pm yesterday! Congratulations to all who worked on it!

Gay Hero: Remembering 30 years ago

The murder of Harvey Milk was 30 years ago today. A new movie about his life and accomplishments is now out, and tomorrow at City Hall, my chorus will join with SFGMC to lead a community commeration. 

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sanchez St. upgrade? Part 1

Sanchez St is a great street for bicycling, but the pavement quality is a real pain in the a**.  But change may be afoot. Below is some information that Michael found yesterday. He adds that he got the from the five year plan, and the dates for start-up may have changed. When we rode it today, we found lots of work underway ... lots of metal plates are covering up different excavations.
I found the current schedule for repaving parts of the Wiggle and nearby streets. The info might be useful for the Parks Ride tour through the Wiggle area next Tuesday....and for SFBC efforts to get a higher priority given to some of our prime bike routes.

DPW's Street Construction Coord Ctr. 554-5810 said that the PG&E work permit for Sanchez is valid until January 2009, or at least the Duboce to Market stretch (all of Sanchez from Duboce to 30th will be getting the PG&E treatment). The rep said the Duboce to Market stretch should be paved, curb to curb, "soon" after that.

According to the Five Year Plan ,
Sanchez at the Duboce intersection is due for paving June 1, 2009. (it also notes "232 days"...for completion? yikes)

But the rest of Sanchez, including the shredded part from Duboce to Market is not scheduled for paving until July 1, 2012. And soon it will have the several cuts/wide patches from the PG&E work adding to the overall surface. (This work is tagged at "150 days")

Bush countdown

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

334 Obama, 155 McCain ... for now!

Still waiting for Missouri, Montana, Indiana and North Carolina.