Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sunday Streets #1

Sunday Streets on the Embarcadero was awesome! I got to volunteer with the folks from the local Dance Studio. A little later, friends were there to help me fix a flat tire.
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Western Scrub-Jays in the Yard

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These two western scrub-jays are visiting our yard several times a day this week. Our bare flower bed with a few dahlia shoots gives them a place to gather twigs and roots for their nest.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You Can't Stop the Beat

Hairspray Rehearsal. "You Can't Stop the Beat" from JordanaL on Vimeo.
I am going to learn this song for Pride this year! The vocal part, not the dance steps - aww.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mule Ears

I hiked at Sweeney Ridge on Monday, and found these beautiful sunflowers. I understand they are Mule Ears, and with their soft, fuzzy, light green leaves, they are either Grey Mule Ears (wyethia helenioides) or Coastal Range Mule Ears (wyethia glabra).
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"Best Mexican Food in the Bay Area"

Nopalito, the new restaurant next door to Falletti Foods, was described as the "best Mexican food in the Bay Area" in the Chronicle's review this weekend!
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Herbs in the garden

We've put in a few spring plantings: Oregano, Italian Rosemary, Texas Tarragon, and Slow Bolt Cilantro. Also some Baby Blue Eyes (nemophila menziesii). There's no telling how they'll do in our shady garden, but we wanted to try something new. This bed looks completely different since Michael took out the tree.

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