Monday, June 08, 2009

Health Reform is breaking out!

The United States needs comprehensive health reform, and we may finally make it happen:
  • President Obama has built an impressive team and they're pursuing a deliberate political strategy.
  • New leaders on the Hill are prepared for the fight.
  • Health system leaders have formed new alliances.
  • Grassroots leaders at the neighborhood, local, state, and national levels have done their homework.
This weekend, I got together with people in my neighborhood through Organizing for America. We're working together to raise awareness and demonstrate our support for health reform that supports three major principles: control the escalating cost of health care; we keep the freedom to choose the doctors and health care plan we have or to find another one; and that all Americans have quality, affordable health care.

Here's my prescription for you: watch for news about our upcoming events, and stay informed about health reform by reading stories such as Matt Bai's article in the New York Times Magazine yesterday.

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