Thursday, June 18, 2009

Presidio Bike Tour - Preview this weekend

I'm looking forward to guiding friends in the Presidio on Sunday for a tour by bike. We'll be checking out a bunch of the changes happening in the Presidio. This tour will give me practice for a bike tour next month that's open to the public. I've got 11 stops planned, to take a look at the changes happening. Here are three of the topics that have caught my attention (the photos are from various sites - not the places the tour is stopping):

Re-planting of historic forests
shown: stand of Monterey Cypress near Lover's Lane

Rehabilitation of historic buildings
shown: Civil-War era housing for officers off Funston Ave

Demolition and rebuilding of paths, streets, and highways
shown: Mason St multi-use path, with Doyle Drive in the background
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